During this Christmas season I want to share some favorite pictures of Christ and those associated with him.

I’ll start with this one. We know about the Savior’s birth and his life and mission, but so very little of his early childhood. Every Christmas I think a lot about Joseph. What a guy. What a role. What a husband and father. Though little is recorded about him, we know much of his character. During his engagement to Mary he had the option to save face for himself or for Mary. He chose to save Mary – notably BEFORE the angel told him the backstory.

He was worthy to be the Savior’s earthly father, and the husband of the mother of the Son of God. He watched this boy learn to roll over and walk and talk. He taught him life skills and eternal truths. He presided, protected, and provided for his family. He stayed close to his Heavenly Father so he knew what fatherly leadership entailed, including moving his family to a foreign land to protect them.

I love good men everywhere, in all ages and all locations, and all situations who do their best with what they are allotted. Joseph didn’t have wealth, or fame, or adulation from his peers. He had a family. And it seems he knew that was all that really mattered. And, ironically and thankful, his family ended up mattering a very great deal to Every. One. Else. Including me. 

So this Christmas season I’m grateful for Joseph, and all you other Jospehs out there, too, who make the most of what you have and lead your families the best you can. I bet, like Joseph, your best is good enough and far better than you now know.

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