“I Follow a Noble Father”


I love this (newly discovered for me) photo of my dad. I’ve neglected to post anything about fathers this week. They deserve better. I would hope that this poem reflects the character of all our fathers. If not, then dads everywhere can strive to leave that legacy to their children, and we children can strive to honor our father’s name, even if for some reason they didn’t. Happy Father’s Day dads.

“I Follow A Noble Father”

I follow a noble father
His honor is mine to wear;
He gave me a name
That was free from shame,
A name that was proud to bear.

He lived in the morning sunlight
And marched in the ranks of right
He was always true
To the best he knew
And the shield he wore was bright.

I follow a noble father
And never a day goes by
But I feel that he
Looks down on me
To carry his standard high.

He stood in the sternest trials,
As a brave man can’
Though the day be long,
I must never wrong
The name of so good a man.

I follow a noble father
Not known to the printed page,
Nor written down in the world’s renown
As a prince of his little age.

Never a stain attached to him,
And never he stooped to shame;
He was bold and brave
And to me he gave,
The pride of an honest name.

I follow an honest father
And him I must keep in mind
Though his form is gone
I must carry on
The name that he left behind.

It was mine on the day he gave it;
It shone as a monarch’s crown,
And as fair to see as it came to me
It must be when I put it down.

— Emma McKay

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