Here’s a pictorial perspective (“The Nativity, by Geri Melcher”) of Mary, Joseph and Jesus that we rarely contemplate. To me it looks like the first few hours or maybe even the day after. The what now? The real responsibility. Haven’t every one of us given the blessing and weight of a new baby felt that – not just on the ride home from the hospital, but pretty much every day, week, year and decade following as well? 

Mary and Joseph have just shared a miraculous, unparalleled, life-changing experience. And now they must journey back home, enlightened and grateful, but also fatigued and undoubtably overwhelmed.

And evil lurks everywhere, bent on destroying their precious babe and also their newly-formed little family. Can’t we as parents all relate — especially since (unlike Mary and Joseph) none of our children are perfect and none of us parent perfectly either? 

So, the rest of this week and into the new year, as you’re putting away Christmas decor and getting back to real routines and real responsibilities, reflect on Mary and Joseph, and then contemplate who they must have been, and the degree of confidence God the Father had in both of them — to love, teach and protect His son. 

They weren’t perfect parents, but they did their best. You and I aren’t perfect either, but never tire of giving it your best. Heavenly Father trusts you and is confident you’re up to it. Your sons and daughters aren’t perfect, but they’ll thank you for it. And if they don’t know enough to thank you now, I do, and I thank you – and at some future time they will too. 

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